1998 Sequoia Century Rest Stop

About the Bikeaholics

Who Are the Bikeaholics?

The Bikeaholics were founded by Lisa Antonino and Ken Straub during years of long distance training and a gradual downward spiraling into the condition medical science now recognizes as "bikeaholism" (signs and symptoms of bikeaholism are described in more detail elsewhere).

Casual commuting and weekend riding were replaced by strenuous lunch-time, after-work, before-work, and "all day" weekend riding. Rides began to be evaluated in terms of "quality miles" vs. "junk miles". Long rides transitioned into longer and longer rides, and soon, extra loops and extra hills were being added to nearly every club ride and century (in some cases the ride to the beginning of a century ride was longer than the actual century ride!).

It was clear that a next step was needed, probably a 12 step "detox" program and/ or counseling. Instead, more aggressive goals were set, aero bars and Camelbaks were purchased, liquid nutritional supplements were tested, and applications were requested for centuries and other long distance events.

Team Bikeaholics first came into existence on the "MegaMonsterGilroyPinnaclesEnduro" ride of 1996, part of the "Low Key Time Trial Series " organized by Kevin Winterfield in the S.F. Bay Area, when Lisa, Ken, and Marc Nix, aced the team event by beating the course record of the well-established Team TnT.

It was this victory that inspired Ken, Lisa, Marc and other long-distance fanatics to band together as "Team Bikeaholics" in a unity vote to pursue bikeaholism to its limits. The initial short-term goal was to do the Death Valley , but longer-term goals included working towards the "Triple Crown Patch", the "Landrush", and eventually the Furnace Creek 508, Boston-Montreal-Boston, Paris-Brest-Paris, RAAM, and other assorted "ultra" events.

Team offices are assigned to all regular Team Bikeaholics members in good standing upon completion of at least one long distance event. These offices are appointed for life, and, subject to a simple majority vote, after-life.

Current Member List

  Name Office Ride
Lisa Antonino Team Captain/Stokers Union Agitator Death Valley Double
Ken Straub Morale Officer (not to be confused with "Moral Officer/ Chaplain", a position under recruitment) Death Valley Double
Marc Nix Security Officer, ret. Death Valley Double
Mike Harding Long Distance Training Death Valley Double
Stella Hackell Racing Specialist Death Valley Double
Ken Straub Medical Officer (temp.) Grand Tour
Thomas Maslen Foreign Affairs/E-Mail Epithets Death Ride
Don Bennett Sergeant-at-Arms Soggy 600k brevet
John Emmel Science & Technology Death Ride
Liz Borra Tandem Specialist Land Rush
Karl Kneip Financial Advisor Death Ride
Tom Lawrence Team Optimist/Pessimist * Land Rush
Bill Halleck Team Troubadour Davis 400k
Craig Robertson Übermensch Land Rush
Lorna Toyota Counsellor Eastern Sierra
Sarah Beaver Security Officer Central Coast
Mike Schiff Multiple Addiction Disorder Coordinator Terrible Two
Ken Holloway Century Specialist Central Coast
John Serafin Navigation Specialist Land Rush
Joy Shaffer Team Physician Winter Solstice
Elaine Astrue The Salt Queen Davis 400k
  Ron Porat Adjunct Bikeaholic-in-Residence Land Rush
  Sam Beal Ultra-Ultra Specialist Winter Solstice/Furnace Creek 508 (!)
  Scott Rienhardt Climbing Specialist/ Drill Sergeant Low Key Hill Climbs


* Check 24 hr in advance of a scheduled ride to determine which function will be operational!

It is not clear at this time how effectual these appointed offices are; however, on several rides, the unique talent set of the Morale Officer have proven to be extremely useful.

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