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Tom Rides the San Francisco 200k

I enjoyed myself a lot more than I deserved.

I made a point of sitting on my couch for 6 weeks straight after the double. Well, I did climb page mill once and kings once. Not exactly quality training miles. I figured that once the season gets going, I'll be longing for those lazy weekends again. Anyhow the upshot of my unusual training regimen was that I felt quite weak and lazy all day.

I felt like all I could do was soft-pedal, I couldn't muster any real force. But I was in good spirits and I plugged away. I got on a tandem wheel outbound on Sir Francis Drake and rode with them for 10 miles or so which was nice, although I felt later as if maybe it hadn't been such a hot idea. After that I couldn't stay with any groups. The wind made it near impossible to get any sort of a draft and I didn't want to be near other riders anyhow given that we were all swerving all over the road (especially me with my monocoque frame).

Coming back down off the lighthouse point, I could barely see through the tears from all the wind (and this is with glasses on). The sign at the lighthouse announced that the stairs were closed due to 60 mph gusts. Northbound on 1 to the turnaround at Marshall, I averaged 4-6 mph, and southbound I averaged 25-30. It was nice to have two turnaround points, as we got to see other riders twice rather than once.

The only time that I felt strong on the whole ride was returning through Sausalito. The barn was smelling strong that day and I hammered a bit on the last 5 or 6 miles. Fortunately the winds were consistent throughout the day so what was headwind in one direction was tailwind in the other. I didn't hear about the space shuttle until the finish line which was just fine with me, I wouldn't have wanted that distraction in the middle of an important ride.

I'm looking forward to the 300k but this time I'm going to train a little! :)


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